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On the hunt for purpose-driven artists and thought-provoking art.

We believe artists can shape perceptions, ignite conversations and drive societal transformation.

Our Open Call program seeks artists from all disciplines who use their voice to push boundaries, break barriers, and go above-and-beyond to inspire meaningful change.

In collaboration with Opus 1, select artists will be given resources to create and/or exhibit works that reflect their unique point-of-view on real-world issues.



For our first Open Call round, we invite artists submissions for projects embodying the spirit of unity.

We welcome innovative and thought-provoking proposals that explore the 2024 theme on a personal, interpersonal, societal, or global level. Artists are encouraged to push boundaries, challenge norms, and offer fresh perspectives on the meaning and significance of unity in our world.

We envision a diverse range of projects: visual installations, interactive performances, community engagement initiatives, multimedia presentations, storytelling projects, and beyond. The program aims to foster dialogue, inspire reflection, and catalyze positive change through the artist's chosen mode of expression.

Those selected will receive financial support and access to the resources they need to bring their projects to life. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to showcase their work in a dedicated exhibition, performance, or public event in 2024/25, creating an immersive experience for artist-audience engagement.


Born in Indonesia in 1982, Jan Stanlav (a.k.a. Stanislaus Yangni) draws from her background in psychology and journalism to create multidimensional works on identity, sexuality, gender, cosmopolitanism and nomadism.

Her published works -- 'Third WC' (2022), 'Shemale, Speech, Night Life' (2020), '3 Venuses and Art We Fail to Finish' (2019), 'From Chaos to Chaos: Fine Art Aesthetics' (2012) -- are written explorations of gender binarism, transsexuality, depression, self-empowerment, and human aesthetics. Jan's work has been celebrated for its melancholic, graphic and analytic prose, weaving together theory and poetry in a unique personal style.

We are delighted to announce Ms. Stanlav as the winner of our 2024 Open Call. Jan and her team proposed a project rooted in Austronesian language, culture and history; calling us to revisit our roots, rediscover ancient & modern societies, and renew our connection to the Earth and the sea. Through immersive audiovisual installations along the beaches of Indonesia, Jan will challenge audiences to remember the value we can find in forgotten ways, and draws us back to the core of what it means to be human.


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The application portal is now closed.

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