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Opus 1 Foundation raises awareness and delivers creative solutions for global issues through the power of the arts.


Since its founding, the artist-driven organization has sought to promote free expression, foster a deeper understanding of the human experience, and provide a fresh lens on persistent problems and emerging challenges in diverse communities. 

We believe the arts and artists have an important role to play in civic exchanges and social movements -- bringing attention to social, economic, and political problems; breaking down barriers; helping society heal after hardship and crisis; and offering hope for a brighter future. Artists are true innovators that spark creativity, inspiration, and imagination.

The movement towards a more equitable, conflict-free ecosystem begins with a focus on community building and social impact; advancing society through creative projects and innovative programs. 


Our operations seek to answer questions of:

• How can the arts create opportunities for children & young adults to reach their full potential?

• How can the arts help eradicate poverty, hunger, disease, and social inequalities?


• How can the arts address climate change and support environmental sustainability?

• How can the arts unite people of different nations, creeds, orientations and backgrounds to promote a stronger global community?

We align ourselves, our strategies and resources in finding solutions to these challenges worldwide in cooperation with our artist ambassadors, national governments, international development agencies, private companies, and academic & cultural institutions, as well as other nonprofits and philanthropies.

Opus 1 Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity as defined by the United States Department of Internal Revenue Services.

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