Formed by an international team of artists, the OPUS 1 FOUNDATION believes in the power of the arts to inspire individuals, change communities, and combat current issues around the globe.

In February 2016,  Opus 1 traveled to Kenya to foster greater awareness on the benefits of arts education - particularly for youth living in areas of extreme poverty. Witnessing how music, dance, theater and visual arts were affording these young men & women new opportunities to expand their horizons, and the ripple effect it had within their communities, they were moved to build an organization where artists would become architects of change.

Since then, the O1 Team has been challenging itself to answer questions beginning with:  How can the arts...?


How can the arts create opportunities for children & young adults to reach their full potential?

How can the arts help to eradicate poverty, hunger, disease, and social inequalities?

How can the arts unite people of different nations, creeds, orientations and backgrounds to promote a stronger global community?

As a foundation, we align ourselves, our strategies and resources in finding solutions to these challenges worldwide in cooperation with our artist ambassadors, national governments, international development agencies, private companies, and academic & cultural institutions, as well as other nonprofits and philanthropies.