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From donor to project completion, every step of our process is carefully considered.

1. Curate

Strategically select Opus 1 Foundation-funded projects in coordination with experts from the foundation’s program teams & partners.

2. Invest

Channel donations to curated projects vetted by the foundation’s program teams and executed by its grantees.

3. Measure

Using program and financial expertise, evaluate project outcomes. Compile data to analyze impact and measure progress.

4. Share
Reflect on data analysis and communicate our collective results, successes, and challenges with you, our partners.
We strive to be effective and efficient.

Your donation is quickly deployed to support strong, existing Opus 1 Foundation-funded projects where additional funds can have an immediate impact.


We focus on the areas where your contribution can have the most impact.

Current donations and gifts are contributing to the below projects & their respective goals:


The Mwanga arts centRe

We are working with our partners & members of the Kenyan Government in acquiring property for the construction of a Youth Education & Cultural Center in Nairobi. Many children attend schools everyday  in facilities which do not have electricity, running water, or solid infrastructures. Schools, as in any community or country, not only are a place of learning & growth; but a safe haven for children to let their minds and creativity soar.

The St. John's School in Korogocho, one of the locations of the Ghetto Classics program, is located next to one of the largest chemical & waste landfills in Nairobi. The children who flock to this school for daily lessons in math, geography, science, english and the arts are exposed to the harmful air pollutants and toxins coming from the site. Many, as a result of over-exposure to these chemicals, have developed mild to severe respiratory health issues and diseases.

Opus 1 believes that every child & young adult should have the opportunity to educate themselves in an environment which is safe and secure. We've made it our project's top priority to draw the resources needed to facilite the construction of a new, modern education & cultural center where underprivileged youth living within Nairobi could gather and obtain the tools for building a successful & brighter future.

Donations are investments in human capital with a return in lives saved, improved, and empowered.