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Our Grant Guidelines

Opus 1 Foundation awards the majority of its grants to U.S. 501(c)(3) organizations and other tax-exempt organizations aligned with our mission.  Our goal is to increase impact and provide more time to innovate and build strong relationships with you, our partners, to ultimately achieve results for the people we serve, together.

Q. How do I apply for a grant from the foundation?
A. We invite proposals to be submitted via our 'Grant Proposal Application' (below).
Q. I have materials I want to submit along with my request for funding. How do I send them?
A. Please submit only the requested forms. We are not able to accept samples, prototypes, or other supplementary materials that accompany requests for funding, and these items will not be returned.
Q. My funding request does not fall under any of your programs. How do I submit it?
A. We do not make grants outside our funding priorities.
Q. I am an individual seeking financial assistance. Am I eligible for a grant?
A. In general and except in specific circumstances as noted on certain grant applications, the foundation is unable to make grants directly to individuals.
Q. I am raising money for a cause. Am I eligible for a grant?
A. The foundation makes grants to organizations directly rather than through individual fundraising activities; therefore, we are unable to fund your effort.
Q. What documents will grantseekers need to complete?
A. The typical set of documents includes a proposal narrative, a budget and narrative, and a results framework and tracker.
Once a grant is approved, the grantee will typically rely on the results tracker, progress narrative, and fiscal reports to report formally on progress, challenges, and financial status.
Many of these templates are similar to what grantees have used before, however, they are standardized across the foundation and have been designed to scale with the complexity of the investment, and include fewer rote questions.
Q. How will results be measured and reported on?
A. The Results Tracker is a tool that will help the prospective grantee plan for how they will measure results (i.e. outcomes and outputs) and report on progress against them over the course of the program/project. This tool will be used during the development and management phases of the grant. The Progress/Final Report Narrative will also be used by the grantee at each reporting period to provide a descriptive summary of progress toward results.
What Opus 1 Foundation does not fund:
  • Direct donations or grants to individuals

  • Political campaigns and legislative lobbying efforts

  • Building or capital campaigns

  • Projects that exclusively serve religious purposes

Become a Grantee

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