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Thank you for helping us serve individuals across the abilities spectrum by completing the following survey. 

Bringing forth real change is a collective effort; everyone's input matters.

In taking this survey, you authorize Opus 1 Foundation and its affiliates to collect and analyze its data for research purposes only. The results of this survey will be published as an open source document in the future. 

If you have any questions regarding the use of survey data, please contact us.

Any sensitive information shared with Opus 1 Foundation which is self-identifying in nature will never be shared publicly. We value data privacy and pledge to keep all personal information in our custody safe and secure.

GENERAL Information

Please make a selection for each of the following:


1. Have you pursued education or training in the arts?  Please select that which applies most to your background.

2. If you have pursued education in the arts, please describe your field of study or focus:

3. Did you face any barriers or challenges related to your condition when seeking education or training in the arts?

4. Overall, how accessible and inclusive are the education programs you have participated in?

5. Based on your experience, how diverse have the abilities of student participants been within these programs?

6. Were integrative modalities applied throughout the program, i.e. instruction methods for disabled and non-disabled students?

7. Were instructors well-versed in integrative theories, techniques and tools?

8. If any, please share positive feedback for past programs regarding accessibility and inclusivity for diversely-abled participants:

9. If any, please share negative feedback for past programs regarding accessibility and inclusivity for diversely-abled participants:

10. What is your preference level for learning alongside peers who only have abilities or conditions similar to your own?

11. Do you believe arts education programs need to become more integrative and inclusive of diversely-abled students?


1. Are you currently employed in the arts or a related field? Please select that which most applies.

2. If you are currently employed in the arts, please briefly describe your job or role below:

3. Have you faced any challenges related to your physical and/or mental condition in past or present job positions?

4. If you answered 'yes' to the above, please briefly share your experience with us below:

5. Have you had to request any accommodations at your workplace to fulfill the responsibilities of your job or role? If yes, were they provided to you successfully?

6. If you have NOT requested any accommodations at your workplace in the past, was it because:

7. In your view, are job opportunities in the arts well-balanced and inclusive?

8. In your view,  does infrastructure (venue layouts etc.) play a major role in the engagement of diversely-abled people in the arts?

9. How can the arts & culture industry expand employment opportunities for diversely-abled individuals?

10. Do you believe diversely-abled individuals are represented fairly and equally in the arts & culture industry?

11. Off the top of your head, how many arts institutions can you name that regularly feature the work of diversely-abled people?

12. If you answered 1 or more above, where are these institutions primarily located?


1. Are you aware of organizations who provide support and opportunities for diversely-abled individuals in the arts?

2. Have you received any financial support due to your physical and/or mental condition?

3. If you have received financial support, please share general sources of funding below (i.e. Federal/State, Family/Friends etc.):

4. If you have NOT received financial support, are you currently seeking it?

5. What percentage of monthly expenses are related to managing you physical and/or mental condition?


Is there anything else you would like to share regarding your experiences, challenges, or opportunities?


People like you help us create meaningful change. If you would like to participate in a follow-up interview or in future surveys, select 'Count me in!' below.

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